DEAN CROSS COUNTRY Wheels (for non-Jimmy models)

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The DEAN CROSS COUNTRY wheel combines quintessential vintage styling with modern manufacturing techniques. Available in a large range of diameters, widths and PCDs, the CROSS COUNTRY can be fitted to a wide array of modern cars and vans.

The chrome centre cap is held in place with two bolts and can quickly be removed to in order to access to the wheel nuts/bolts below. If you wish, you can run the wheels without the chrome centre caps fitted, depending on your mood.

Price shown is per wheel.

DEAN CROSS COUNTRY Specification Suggested Car(s)
14x4.5J+43 4x100PCD 67.0CB  
15x4.5J+43 4x100PCD 67.0CB  
15x6.0J+32 4x100PCD 67.0CB  
15x6.0J+32 4x108PCD 67.0CB  
15x6.0J+32 4x98/100PCD 67.0CB  
15x6.0J+32 5x108PCD 67.0CB  
15x6.0J+42 4x100PCD 67.0CB  
16x6.0J+42 4x100PCD 67.0CB  
16x6.5J-5 6x139.7PCD 106.2CB  
16x6.5J+15 5x114.3PCD 73.1CB  
16x6.5J+15 5x127PCD 73.1CB  
16x6.5J+25 5x150PCD 110.3CB  
16x6.5J+32 5x114.3PCD 73.1CB  
16x6.5J+32 5x127PCD 73.1CB  
16x7.0J+15 6x139.7PCD 108.1CB  
16x7.0J+25 6x139.7PCD 108.1CB  
16x7.0J+40 6x139.7PCD 106.2CB  
16x8.0J+0 5x150PCD 110.3CB  
16x8.0J+0 6x139.7PCD 110.3CB  
17x7.0J+35 5x110PCD 75.1CB  
17x7.0J+35 5x127PCD 75.1CB  
17x7.0J+38 5x108PCD 75.1CB  
17x7.0J+38 5x114.3PCD 75.1CB  
17x7.0J+40 5x100PCD 66.6CB  
17x7.0J+40 5x112PCD 66.6CB  
17x7.0J+47 5x112PCD 75.1CB  
17x7.0J+47 5x114.3PCD 75.1CB  
17x8.0J+20 6x139.7PCD 106.2CB  

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